Why other people annoy me

Do you ever just look at someone and get annoyed?

Just hate seeing their face incites anger?

This happens to me all the time, and I may have figured out why.

I follow this rad chick named Katrina Ruth on Facebook, and she posted something about this today.

She said (and I’m paraphrasing), “the reason that you get annoyed with people is that you’re an artist and you want to be alone with your art.”

I agree but I have a slightly different spin on it.

I think people annoy you because you’re not giving enough energy to give, create, and serve.

When you’re not in tune with your natural energy for giving to others, then seeing people will bother you. They just remind you that you’re not really doing enough for mankind. Seeing all these people around is a constant reminder that you should be off creating something beautiful for the world. Humans can remind you that you need to take care of your own shit.

Humans have a deep desire to create. We all want to have an impact in some way. Even the most left-brained people are still creators in some way. Even people who have no art in them at all, still want to create. Maybe they build things, have children, cook food for people, etc. Creating is everything for humans.

When you feel yourself getting angry or annoyed, stop and think. Are you giving enough? Are you creating enough? Are you exploring enough? Are you connecting enough? Are you truly being yourself?

When you’re connected to yourself then you’ll stop being annoyed by others because you’ll know that we are all one in the same. Everyone else is you, and you are everyone else.

Not to get too woo-woo on you, but I really do believe that are deeply connected to each other. We are all experiencing this human thing together, and we have a desire to make our mark.

What can you do to make your mark today? How can you create? Who can you help and give to?

Here’s a story from me:

Today I was feeling frustrated and annoyed. My friend hit me up and asked me to donate to a homeless guy that needed help. Now, I have no job at the moment and I’m totally broke. But I scrounged up that I could give $25. So I sent it right away without thinking. It wasn’t a lot but it did cause me some pain to give because it makes my budget a lot tighter.

I gave. 

Then the Universe gave back. 

An opportunity to do some freelance style work for a business owner came to me in the next hours. It may or may not work out but it was evidence of the beauty of giving. The job would give me enough money to continue to work on my own art. That’s exactly what I’ve been asking the universe for but the universe was waiting for me to give.

How can you give today? You might be surprised at the results.

Remember: taking never makes you feel fulfilled but giving always does. If you’re annoyed by others, how can you contribute more, and thus make your feeling of connectedness grow?

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