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How I quit biting my nails (how Pavlok and volts will make me rich)

Since I can remember, I have bitten my nails until they bled. I’d bite the entire nail, I’d bite the cuticle, and I’d bite the skin. I was brutal and it showed.

Not anymore.

Sounds cheesy, I know but I really had tried everything before.

Nasty cream for your fingers that makes your pizza taste funny. Sad face.

Weekly manicures. Expensive and inconvenient.

Every type of nail polish. I’ll bite through it or bite the skin around my nail. Gross.

But, I kid you not, a little wearable device called Pavlok fixed it for me.

It’s crazy and weird to even think about it but giving myself a small electrical shock solved my pain.

Now the reason that we bite our nails is actually either boredom or anxiety. The small bit of pain that we receive from the bite takes away our negative emotion for a moment and then we can go back to our day.

When you catch yourself biting your nails, you just press the button and Pavlok will shock you. It took me about a day to not bite them anymore but I’d still have urges. After the behavior stops, when you feel the urge then you’ll give yourself a small shock.

This treatment is a combination of aversion therapy and the effect of giving yourself a small burst of pain to take away from the boredom/anxiety.

Four days later and I had zero urge to bite my nails. It’s now been a couple months and my nails are perfect.

My confidence has gone up tenfold.

It’s crazy how much nail-biting can affect your whole life. Like I would straight up go out and get embarrassed if someone noticed my nails. I didn’t want to date anyone new if my nails were really bad. Friends and family would comment on the state of my hands, and I hated it.

Now I’m using Pavlok to help with social anxiety. The pain forces you into the present moment. If you think about it, pain is extremely useful for learning. If you stub your toe, you might learn to stay away from the coffee table or move it a couple inches. If you didn’t experience pain when you hurt yourself then you might never know about aches, pains, or the fact that your shoe is totally filling up with blood (it happens).

When I’m out, and I’m feeling anxious, I’ll simply press the button and feel the pain to bring me back to the present moment and take me out of my thoughts. It works like magic. I can’t believe how effective it is.

As far as getting rich, the creator of Pavlok, Maneesh Sethi, created a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum for his users. Volts are a cryptocurrency that you earn just for having or using a Pavlok. You can’t buy them but you earn them for breaking bad habits, creating good ones, and just using the app. Eventually, they’ll be able to be traded for Ethereum or used directly to pay for things. The idea is that you could take a jog and then earn enough money to pay for a healthy meal. In other words, this could destroy money as we know it and allow anyone to earn enough money to live simply by just using their Pavlok.

If you’re a superuser like me then you could become wealthy just from volts.

The future is now and it’s pretty insane.  You can now change your DNA, become a better person and earn money while doing it.

If you want to pick one up then you can here and I’ll get a little credit.

If you want to pick one up without giving me credit then go over to Pavlok.com.

Just don’t blame me in like, I dunno, ten years or something if you’re still broke and full of bad habits.

See you in the future.

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