2017 Recap – Lessons Learned


As another year wraps up, it’s a good time to reflect on what you have learned and what you can bring into the next year.

I don’t believe in resolutions. I find them boring and mostly useless for me.

I find it highly valuable to reflect and meditate on lessons learned and also to visualize how you want the future to look.

Here are some things that I learned that I can bring into my manifestation exercises for the next year:

1. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t feel good about it. 

I was involved with two companies in 2017 that had some questionable practices that go against my moral and ethical beliefs. Did I make money? Yes. Lots, in fact. But I have nothing to show for it at all. I immediately released the money/energy back into circulation because I absolutely hated the way that I made it. That’s how it works with money. Money isn’t real. It’s just energy, and you’ll release it if you don’t want it.

The lesson for me is that I need to focus on what I’m doing and not what I’m making. For years I’ve been focusing on how much I made and I’ve been miserable for it. Yes, I learned how to make money in the past years, and that’s awesome. However, now, it’s time to learn how to provide value first and collect money second.

2. Being around other people matters. Real connection is important. 

I spent a lot of time working on myself last year. I read more, took more courses, listened to more audiobooks, and generally spent a lot of time in deep thought. In order to do this, I had to be alone a lot.

While it’s necessary and important to spend time alone, it can become unhealthy as well. I’m naturally extroverted and not being social takes a toll on me after a while. I developed severe social anxiety due to craving people so much yet feeling insecure about my social skills.

In 2018, I plan to force myself to go out into social situations that make me a little nervous. Humans need contact and connection, especially me.

3. If you’re an artist, then you need to create. If you’re not, then you still need to create.

One thing that makes us deeply human is our ability to create. Not all of us are great creators yet we are all meant to make things. Maybe you need to make a family. Maybe you need to take pictures. Maybe you need to write. I’m not sure, but I know you need to create things for your soul.

For me, I need to write and also create audios. That’s the purpose of this blog, in fact. It might be the most important thing that I learned.

4. I do need to be in a relationship, but I still have to be picky.

I truly believe that I’ll be getting into a long-term relationship soon. I’m ready for it and I’ve learned enough about myself to know what I need.

For a long time, I preferred to be single. That is until I fell for someone. Then I’d go nuts about them, get obsessed, and we’d get together right away. It would fall apart, and then I’d commit to being single again.

I’ve been in this cycle my entire adult life, but it ends now. I healed from the past pain, and I know who I am and what I want now. Because of this, I know for a fact that I’ll soon be attracting the right person.

All of this means that I need to be picky who I end up with. I can’t just go on fleeting feelings, but rather I need to listen to my deep intuition about what is right for the long-term. Shit’s about to get real. Real awesome but real maturity will be required.

5. I need to be okay with moving around a lot because I’m going to keep doing it. 

I’ve moved nearly once a year since I was 18. Sometimes I’m not okay with this, and I try to fight it. It’s time to give that up. I’m nomadic. I have to embrace this fact and set up my life in a way that I don’t sign long-term leases, take “career” type jobs, and that I spend time with someone who also wants to move frequently.

I may have a “home-base” for a time, but movement is super important to me to keep my creative juices going. My brain shuts off when things don’t change often enough. Although it’s inconvenient, I’m meant to move more than the average person. It keeps me sane.

Overall, I loved 2017 because I was in a hyper-learning mode. 2018 will be a year of application and one of using the knowledge that I’ve acquired. In order to act, you first need to learn. But in order to truly learn, you absolutely need to start doing the important shit. It’s time, and I’m excited.

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