Fight for what you love or let it go


New rule: 

Before you let something into your life (whether a person, place, or thing), ask yourself, “is this worth fighting for?”

For instance, let’s say you like someone a lot. Maybe you’re dating. Maybe you’re just acquaintances. Before you become close, you have to decide if this person is worth fighting for. If they are not, then don’t let them in.

Because the truth is, you’re going to fight with this person at some point. It’s scary to think about when you just meet someone that seems so cool, nice, and fun. You don’t want to picture lashing out at them in a moment of frustration. You don’t want to think of them hurting your feelings or breaking something important to you or even leaving your life completely.

The truth is though, if you let them in then you’re guaranteed that something will happen at some point. Even if you never fight, they will die one day. They will shred your heart into two. Are you willing to fight for them? Are you willing to feel the worst pain in the world for that person? 

If not, then say “goodbye” immediately.

Because you deserve the type of love that’s worth fighting for.

You deserve the true pain that can only come from true love.

This isn’t just about love, of course.

You deserve a career that you’re willing to break yourself for.

You deserve friends that you’re willing to shed tears over.

You deserve pets that you’ll love until you wake up one day to their limp little bodies, and your heart just breaks right there.

You deserve all of the pain and all of the pleasure of a full life.

Before you even think of letting anyone in again, you better be willing to lay down your entire life, body, and soul for that person. Before you change your careers again, you better be willing to spill your heart for it.

And if you’re not, then just don’t fucking do it.

Life is incredibly short. It’s gotten shorter in the tiny amount of time that it’s taken you read this so far.

It’s only going faster and faster.

If you do nothing else today then do this:

Write down everything that you have in your life.




If you’re not willing to fight for any of these people or things then you have to find things and people that you are.

Trust me, if you don’t then you’ll never really live.

I can’t just let you never really live.

Go and live now. Fight for what you love. 

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